Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When You Mess With the Bull...

I'm sick off the uncertainty surrounding the financial wellbeing of the Red and Black, so if you want to discuss it, check out Henry, Eric, Helen, Dwight, or Kerry. Together they sound like a law firm that specializes in personal injury, but individually they all offer nuanced reporting and commentary on the battle-royale taking place between Paul Allen and Vulcan Inc. in the red corner and the citizens and politicos of Portland (and other far off Salem-type lands) in the blue corner. The winner will surely be the team who first figures out how to drink thunder and crap lighting.

While the suits fight over who gets the revenue from pretzelled bread and cotton candy sales, the guys in the mesh tank tops and shorts still have their own problems to tend to. Portland kicks off a mini-road trip against the Bulls in Chicago tonight with hopes of putting together the oft elusive winning streak. The Bulls have been up and down all year, and are currently fighting to get into the eighth spot, so they certainly don't want to get beat by the Blazers of all teams. But beat they shall get. Dating back to January of '01, the Blazers have beaten the Bulls seven of the past ten times. Unfortunately, I don't think what the Rasheed, Damon, Pippen, and Bonzi did in 2001 is going to have a whole lot of bearing on this game, but I still think the Blazers come out on top. The line is Bulls -9.5, which is a slap in the face to a Blazer team that just beat Phoenix, though maybe the 6-25 road record doesn't instill Vegas with much respect for Mac-10 and the Boys.


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