Friday, March 17, 2006

Talk Stories

Paul Allen, most likely against the wishes of his lawyers and yes-men, had a little sit down with Mike Tokito; the better of the two Blazer beat writers for the Oregonian. Paulie didn't exactly tip his hand, but I must admit that after reading the interview, I feel a little better about the future of the franchise. I have to question keeping Lance "Fancy Pants" Conn as the financial front man, as I think he's proved himself incompetent, but ultimately Allen calls the shots. After watching the fourth quarter on Wednesday though, I wouldn't be surprised if Paul was ready to sell to the first drunkard stumbling out of the stadium.

Update: This article by Eggers in the Trib (via Eric Marentette) makes me feel even better. I think Paul kind of knows he's screwed, but he's got to try and apply some pressure to the city.

The Red and Black continue their death tour tonight against King James, the Oregon Rat Boy, and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s really anyone’s guess how this one is going to end up, though Vegas has a pretty good feeling that the Blazers are going to get their ass's handed to them. Right now, my sanity is clinging to moral victories, so scoring more than 75 points will be enough for me. Today is St. Patrick’s day, so hopefully Irish players Darius Miles, Ha Seung-Jin, and Voshon Lenard catch a little of the luck that is synonymous with their country and kin. Cleveland has lost three straight, so you know they’re going to try and get right against the Blazers.