Thursday, March 09, 2006

Flip the Script On the Dallas Tip.

Not too bad of a loss on Tuesday. Being a long-time Blazer fan, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact they're never going to be a good free-throw shooting team. They came out on fire, fought off numerous Dallas runs, and almost came away with the win. If only it weren't for those damn free-throws. Oh, and Darius Miles, he didn't help much either. Why the hell was Vik out of the game for so long? He was straight ballin' out of control in the first half (that block on the Devin Harris fast break was one for the Vik highlight reel), but he ended up only playing 17 minutes, while headbonker-come-lately dragged ass for 33 minutes. Thanks for the effort cornrows, or should I say, cornLOWs. No, cornrows still sounds better.

Maybe Paul Allen could lobby the NBA to change the rules so that fouls function more like they do in hockey. Commit a foul; the team plays a man down for 30 seconds. It would also save everyone from those atrocious end of game scenarios when teams foul to stop the clock, making the last minutes of semi-close NBA games last an eternity. Those never seem to turn in favor of the Blazers, so to hell with it. Everyone always loves seeing an open goal in hockey, so why not in basketball as well? You'd end up with some sick 4-on-1 dunks in the final minutes, which is way more fun than seeing guys battle it out at the charity stripe. Better yet, maybe Paulie could beg the NBA to switch from four quarters to three periods (trimesters?), a la hockey, as the Blazers have played pretty well for the first 3 quarters of the last few games.

But in the meantime, the Blazers still have to function under the archaic rules of the stuck-in-the-mud NBA. Dallas comes to the Rose Garden tonight in a rare back-to-back event. It's about as close to a playoff setting as the Blazers are going to get in the near future, so savor the flavor. I've got a good feeling about this one. I think the Blazers are due, and Dallas hasn't played so great as of late, so I think this one goes down as a win. The Red and Black are eight point dogs, which is more respect than they garnered from the gaming community on Tuesday. Can you feel the love?


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