Friday, February 24, 2006

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

In the face of a barrage of bad news, we must remember; life goes on, the world still turns, and any other apt motivational phrases turned television show names that I might be overlooking. The Blazers take on the Celtics at the Rose Garden tonight, assuming Paul Allen can borrow enough money to turn the lights on come game time. The Celtics put the serious beat down on the Blazers in Boston two weeks ago, though that was when the Blazers were still without Darius. The Celtics don't have anyone capable of guarding a healthy and motivated Miles, but who knows if that Darius is going to show up tonight.

The Blazers will be without Joel (tendonitis), Theo (bad ankleitis), Sebastian (bringing a gun on the team planeitis), and possibly Zach (bad tooth, or as it's more commonly known, the Derek Anderson Syndrome). Taking into consideration that Ruben and Charles Smith are gone and Lenard/Skinner (Free Bird!) are still in post-trade limbo, Mac-10 has eight guys to work with. So much for those problems finding playing time for everyone. If you notice Nate staring into the stands tonight, rest assured that he's looking for possible subs to work into the rotation from the general public.

Though I swore off giving sports betting advice, I have to say that the Celtics only being favored by two seems like a great way to make some weekend spending cash if you're not averse to betting against the Blazers. Bookie Randy Stafford has a great line in that article pertaining to the possibility of Zach not playing. He quips, "We were aware of Randolph but we don’t think much of him anyway." Ouch. Of course, I have a long history of being wrong when it comes to wagering and the Blazers, so here's hoping I continue that streak.

Update: Jason Quick in the QuickChat today says that Darius stayed home sick today, so he probably won't play, though he also said that Zach will be suiting up, albeit with a fat lip.


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