Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One and Halfway Done

Big win against (ahem) the Bobcats on Monday. Darius "The DMZ" Miles made his triumphant return to the court, lifting the Blazers to their first win in 4 games. The Bald One, in what one can only assume was a column cranked out in the waning minutes before his deadline, asserted that Darius was the reason the Blazers were getting bitch slapped up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Way to make the Bald One look stupid Darius, though he doesn't really need any help in that department.

Tonight the "B Boys" take on the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets in their last game before the All-Star break. It would be nice for the Mac-10 and the rest of the Blazers to have some momentum going into the break, especially considering the whole team will have a lot of time to focus on the game as no one in red and black will be participating in any All-Star activity. The Hornets have been on a tear lately, winning four in a row, including eight of their past nine games. The last three wins were earned despite the absence of rookie sensation Chris Paul, who some consider the foremost reason why John Nash should get the boot after the season concludes. No word yet on whether or not Paul will be playing tonight, but if he does, you can be sure that Nash is going to keep his fingers crossed that Sebastian Telfair outplays him. The Blazers are 9 point dogs tonight. Make of that what you will, because I'm done giving out betting "advice."


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