Monday, February 27, 2006

How About Them Blazers?

Unfortunately, my gaming advice was right this time, though just barely. Paul Pierce and Wally Szczerbiak were unstoppable, Ryan Gomes dominated the boards, and the Blazers lost, again, 102-96. Nate had nine guys at his disposal, one of them being Ha, a sick Darius (in the literal sense), and not much else. Martell did have a career night, playing 41 minutes and scoring 24 points, but you'd probably be a little delusional if you thought that a 19 year-old rookie could carry this team to victory.

Things didn't get a whole lot better last night, as the Red and Black fell to the Hornets 88-75 at the Rose Garden. Both Zach and Darius had good games, scoring 23 and 22 respectively, but no one else had much to offer. The Blazers shot a ludicrous 41.1% from the free throw line, which has to be the equivalent of closing your eyes and throwing the ball in the general direction of the basket. They also got out-rebounded 46 to 33. On the bright side, the Blazers did shoot a higher field goal percentage than the Hornets, so feel free to revel in the streets over that tidbit.

The hits keep coming tonight, as the Blazers take on newly acquired Brian Skinner's old employer, the Sacramento Kings. The line is Sacto -13.5, but the over/under I'm interested in is how many points will ex-Blazer Sergei Monia score tonight. I'm sure Bonzi can give him a few pointers regarding sticking it to your old team.


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