Friday, February 24, 2006

Cleaning Up

  • So, just for the record, the Blazers have traded Ruben Patterson and Charles Smith to Denver for Voshon Lenard (from Denver) and Vitaly Potapenko (from Seattle). The Blazers then turned around and traded Vitaly to the Kings, along with Sergei Monia, for Brian Skinner. Bottom line, the Blazers now have Lenard and Skinner.
  • Sebastian Telfair has been suspended two games by the NBA for coming heavy on the team plane. Thanks a lot Louis Viutton.
  • Poor little Derek Anderson, who just can't seem to get a break even though he's one of the premier shooting guards in the league, has been traded to Miami for Gerald Finch and a trade exception. The good thing is that with the enormous amount of old people in Miami, Derek should be able to get a killer deal on a set of dentures.


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