Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Big Get Bigger

Two things that strike me about this picture:
  1. That is easily the largest newborn I've ever seen in my life.
  2. You're a pretty lady Noelle; lay off the make-up.
No word yet on whether or not Mike Barrett has stopped harassing Joel and his happy new family. Once again, congratulations. Now if we could just get some pictures of Vladimir, Samaya, and McKinney.


At 1:27 PM, Anonymous DP said...

Hey Lance,
Nobody's commented in a must be this weather. I hate to be an old man about this, but it's fuckin freezing balls outside. Darius/Theo trade to NY for Penny and David Lee, check out what these schlups had to say about it: I really just don't see how this trade is any good, except for maybe freeing up some cap room. The zers would be giving up a great back-up big man who plays great d and maybe the best player on the team for a guy who has been recovering from an injury his entire career (except for the good ol' days of him and li'l Penny) and a decent young forward. I'll admit, Lee may have potential, but why give up Darius and Theo for him? There is no denying that Darius is a cancer to the team, he is lazy as shit on d and we pay him too much, but you have to admit that he is arguably the best player on the team. I'm I missing something here? I'd assume that money is the only issue here, right? Shed some light on me.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Lance Uppercut said...

I think the lack of commenting is due to the fact that this site sucks, but the cold don't help either. Old men don't complain about the cold DP, they just die from it.
That trade isn't any good DP. If the Blazers end up making that trade, it signals a few things. First, it means that managment really doesn't care if this team loses 90% of its games for the next 3 years. The "3 year" plan becomes the "Draft Greg Oden in '07" plan, which is rife with uncertainty.
I also think it signals that Paul Allen might actually be selling the team. Getting rid of Theo and Miles for an expiring contract sounds like pre-sale cost cutting to me. Paul might have had his fill of hoops in Portland. Granted, they could be making a play to get way under the cap in '07, but I highly doubt any good FA's are going to be coming to Portland, as I can't think of one good FA the Blazers have aquired since I've been a fan.
The thing I don't understand about this rumor is that Darius had been playing well under Nate, but all the sudden he's expendable. His contract isn't that bad, so why not keep him? If this trade goes down, the line-up would seemingly be:
PG: Blake/Telfair/Jack
SG: Dixon/Jack/Webster
SF: Viktor/Ruben/Outlaw
PF: Zach/Lee
C: Joel/Ha
That team sucks hard. But next season, if they can't re-sign Joel (which I don't think they can), the line-up becomes:
PG: Blake/Telfair/Jack
SG: Dixon/Webster
SF: Viktor/Ruben/draft pick
PF: Zach/Lee
C: Ha/draft pick
That team would be lucky to score 60 points a game. You could make the argument that other moves would be made, but you'd have to figure that whoever they bring in still isn't going to be any good, as we have no chips to bargain with. It's bad trade, and if the Blazers make it, I might have to start rooting for the LumberJax as my #1 pro team.


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