Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Adopt the Pace of Nature: Her Secret is Patience"

Things have been running pretty slow here at Blazers Basketball HQ. We all know what happened in the Nugget game, so no point in bringing up bad memories. The Blazers have had a few days off since the Denver game, so hopefully they've put it behind them, especially The Jack. Mac-10 and the Blazer posse take on a decimated Indiana tonight, which hardly makes this game a sure thing considering that Indy recently did something that few have done this year; beat the Pistons. The Pacers are without Jermaine O'Neal, Jamal Tinsley, and Austin Croshere, but they still have the Bearded Serbian and a host of athletic role players. Neither team has played since Saturday, so the team that shakes off the rust the fastest probably has the inside track to win this one. The spread is the Pacers -6.5 according to covers, to which I would say, bet the organic soybean farm on the Blazers. The Blazers are 4-0 against the spread (ATS) when playing on 3 days rest or more. Granted, the Pacers are also 4-0 ATS the last four times they've played the Blazers, but without Jermaine and against an ever improving Blazer squad, I think that streak falls like Niagara. In light of this excellent gaming opportunity, I leave you with the immortal words of DMX, "Ain't no purpose dog. You born to fuckin die. In the meantime, get money!" Get money indeed.

Topics in the mist:

  • So much talk about Theo getting traded to NY, possibly with Darius or Ruben. In my opinion, it's all crappy New York media hype. It seems as if no deal is going to get the Blazers far enough under the cap to throw big dollars at Pryzbilla, so I find it unlikely that Nash is going to trade away his only other NBA-caliber center. Sorry Ha.
  • Speaking of Pryz, even more talk and hand-wringing about Toronto clearing cap space to sign Joel when he becomes a FA after this season. If you feel the need to beg Pryz in writing, check out RipCity 24/7 for ways in which to contact Big White. Maybe someone could also get in touch with Franz Bread and see if they'll offer Pryz another sponsorship deal.
  • Sergei and Martell are back from the D-league.


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