Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend Update

As if you didn't know, the Blazers got waxed by the Sonics 111-99 on Friday in the game that wasn't ever in doubt. In the moral victory of the day, 99 is really, really close to 100. Could cracking the century mark be far of for this young Trail Blazer team? By the way, you KNOW a game was a blow out when the losing team shoots 59.1%. That means there were a whole lot of uncontested lay-ups against the Sonics junior varsity squad. Once again, I feel as though my words of derision have sparked at least one Trail Blazers to play well. A few days ago, I suggested that Charles Smith be waived in order to open up a roster spot for rebounding PF. So what happened next? Charles came out and scored 15 points in 19 minutes on 6 of 8 shooting. Proof once again that Nate is using this site as billboard material.
Last night, a starting line-up of Steve Blake, Juan Dixon, Viktor Khryapa, Zach Randolph, and Theo Ratliff lead the Blazers to a 92-97 win over the Wizards in front of a storm depleted crowd of 2,923. It just goes to show what can happen when you let everyone move to closer seats when it becomes obvious that they aren't going to be filled. Maryland Terrapins, turned Washington Wizards, turned Portland Trail Blazers Steve and Juan both had great games in their new starting roles, scoring 14 and 20 respectively. Z-Dough continued to stink up the Garden, scoring 9 points on 3 of 13 shooting and only grabbing 5 boards. Luckily for the Blazers, Vik (12 points, 8 rebounds), Theo (7 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks), Jarrett (11 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, and a perfect 6-6 from the free throw line), Rube (10 points, 5 rebounds) and Charlie Brown (9 points, 3 rebounds) all had solid games. I hate to say it, but I think this team is better without Sebastian Telfair. Nice win Blazers.


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