Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Smile When You're Winning

Happy holidays from Blazers Basketball HQ. Personally, my heads been swimming the last few days with back-to-back road wins against Minnesota and Sacramemento, in which they actually broke the 100 point mark! Huzzah!. Blazer wins are the greatest gift of all. It's hard to tell if this team is actually improving, or just getting slumping teams on bad nights. Whatever the reason though, it still feels nice to root for a winner now and then (thanks a lot Ducks basketball 2005. Losing to Portland and PSU? Like I didn't have enough to hang my head about). If this team can string together a few more wins, who knows what could happen in the weak Northwest Division. Playoffs? No, but sinking another teams playoff chances? Possible.

Things are certainly going to get interesting if this group continues to win, or at least lose close games. Sebastian Telfair is set to return from the inactive list any day now (though supposedly not tomorrow) which brings up a dilemma for Mac-10: Insert Telfair back into the starting lineup even though Stevie Blake and Jarrett Jack have been getting the job done? My guess is that Nate uses Telfair sparingly under the guise of protecting his injury, but that won't fly for longer than a week. After that, Jack probably ends up playing more off-guard, with Blake and Telfair sharing the minutes at the point. I think at this point though, Telfair should have to earn his way back into the rotation. My guess is that, if John Nash were fired last year, Telfair would be spending the better part of the season on the bench, but that's just a guess.

Next up, the Blazers get Iverson and assistant coach Mo Cheeks at the Garden. AI and a rejuvenated Chris Webber each played over 40 minutes last night in a win at Denver, so hopefully they'll be a little winded. The line is Sixers -4. Now that's what I call respect!


At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Syn Phartbyt said...

Hey Lance,
I'd say Telfair out of the line-up and the better play of the team says more about managements lack of talent accessment than anything. Glowing language and broad potential doen't put points on the board. Hustle and time in the gym practicing does! Hey Se-Bass, less play, more work. Someone else has your spot now!


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