Thursday, December 15, 2005

Over the Board-erline

Blazer lose 77-82 to the Jazz last night in one of the worst officiated games that I've seen in a while. Touch fouls, bullshit goaltending calls, game changing shot clock violation no-calls, inability to throw a decent jump ball, you name it, this game had it (and it's not just me that think's the referee team of Bennie Adams, Mark Ayotte, and Scott Foster is horrible). It would be easier to commiserate about poor officiating if the Blazers hadn't given up 26 offensive rebounds, which has to be some kind of record. The fact that the Blazer only lost by 5 after getting out-boarded 36-53 is a testament to... well it's a testament to something. On the good news/bad news front, Sebastian is putting himself on the inactive list with a sore paw, which is bad for Telfair, but probably good for the Blazers. Both Jack and (especially) Steve Blake have been outplaying Telfair as of late. If Telfair wasn't injured, Nate would probably have to pull minutes away from him anyway, so at least this way his pride gets to stay intact. This was a tough beat, but I still liked the way the Blazers played for the most part. A few things stuck out:
  • Ha played a pretty solid game last night. In 12 minutes, he had 2 rebounds, a block, 1 point, and 4 fouls. More importantly, he looked pretty comfortable, which is a big plus if Theo is going to continue to decay on the inactive list.
  • Zach has to lead the league in most shots blocked. He might try actually getting off the floor when shooting. Helps with the elevation.
  • In other Z-Dough related news, he had a great quote in The O today, ""Shoot, was is that, seven, eight in a row? Frustrating. I thought we would be a lot better. But guys are playing hard. It's just too many mistakes. We are shooting ourselves in the head." First off, a guy like Zach, who has been involved (although indirectly) with gun violence shouldn't use the word "shoot" so much unless he's taking about his 18 footer. And secondly, I was under the impression that the phrase was "shooting yourself in the foot." I guess things really are that bad at Center One Court.
  • The Blazers actually shot 78.8% from the free-throw line. Not bad. Unfortunately, they shot 37.5% from both the field and from 3.
  • Travis Outlaw needs to get more minutes. Haven't you broken him down enough Nate? I thought it was part of the coach's job to instill confidence in his players.
  • Waive Charles Smith and pick up a big body that can rebound. Is Sam Clancy still available?
  • The backcourt line-up of Jarrett Jack and Steve Blake works.
  • Andrei Kirilenko is an absolute stud. He's probably the best ball handler on the Jazz, as well as the best all-around player. But a little note of advice Andrei, that spiked half-fro look isn't working.
  • Mehmet Okur is a big, dumb, smelly Turk, who I hate. He's only 26? He looks like he's 40! He and Jerry Sloan must be smoking Camel Straights together behind the Delta Center.


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