Monday, December 05, 2005

Leaders of the New School

In honor of the newest Trail Blazer fan, lil' Vladimir Khryapa, I submit the first in what is sure to be an infrequent and problem-ridden feature here at Blazers Basketball: The Online Poll! Vote soon before the html crashes the site.

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My vote goes to Joel's unborn child Anthony. When your dad is over 7 foot, you've got the best shot of making a squad in the NBA. Hell, Shawn Bradley and Greg Ostertaghave both been in the league for years and they're about as worthless as you can get. Samaya is my dark horse, even though there haven't been any women in the NBA, who knows what will happen in 18 years? If she's got even half of the quicks and handles that papa has, she'll make a roster. As far as Vlad goes, I think his game is going to suffer from not being hardened by communist oppression. If Vlad can keep from getting soft off the milk of the capitalist pig, then I'd give him a 50/50 shot. Congratulations to all of the proud new fathers (and soon to be fathers in Joel's case). And in the next poll: Who is the most likely to be the overbearing father who punches out his kid's coach?
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