Tuesday, December 20, 2005

House of Not-As-Much Pain

As mentioned over at Truehoop, I've been contemplating some kind of campaign to get the Blazers to play at least one game at Memorial Coliseum this year. Nate is an old-school coach, trying to instill old-school values in his players. Where better to instill those values than in the old-school venue? I think this would be a valuable marketing ploy on many levels, as many fans long for the glory days that took place at Memorial. Any team can have a throw-back jersey night, but how many teams can have a throw-back venue night? The young folks love that retro stuff.

As far as I know, Memorial sits empty for the most part, so availability wouldn't be a problem. It's right next to the Rose Garden, so it wouldn't seem too challenging from a logistical standpoint. The Garden isn't even coming close to capacity on game nights, so overcrowding wouldn't seem to be an issue. Of course, those that own luxury boxes at the Garden would probably be against it, but screw them. Between drinking Champaign and eating escargot, they don't watch but a quarter of the game anyway. God forbid they have to sit with the beer swigging proletariat at Memorial for one night.

If the Trail Blazers truly want to reconnect with a working-class fan base, they need to play some games in a working-class venue. And let’s face it; this team needs all the help they can get. Maybe some of the tradition of winning that was established in the Memorial Coliseum would rub off on this young squad. Moreover, we are at war. Memorial Coliseum was build to honor "our veterans of all wars who made the supreme sacrifice." Too many soldiers from Oregon have paid that sacrifice in Afghanistan and Iraq. They deserve a better memorial than an empty, lifeless building. Honor the troops, honor the home of the only professional sports championship in Portland history, and honor the working-class roots of Portland. Bring Memorial Coliseum back to life!

Contact the Trail Blazers here, or call (503) 234-9291. If anyone knows any pertinent e-mail addresses, post them in the comments and I'll post them. The longest journey starts with a single step!


At 1:58 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

Man, I was JUST saying this to my friend the other night while we watched the Minnesota game at the Rose Garden! As we peered down from the 300 level into the empty stands we contemplated just how crowded and cool the Coliseum would look.
Barring that, they should let us all come down into the lower bowl durring the second half. I mean, why not? No one is down there, and it would be a great gesture to the fans that do still show up. I'm sure the team would like it.

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Lance Uppercut said...

I agree Tim. Of course, managment would counter that if they let people come down to the lower levels, then everyone will just buy crappy tickets and move down. But then again, if the product on the court is sub-par, then why should you spend more for a ticket. All I know is that I've never sat in the 300 level for a whole game.


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