Friday, December 16, 2005

Battlefield I-5

Mr. Slate vs. Mac-10. The Snowflake vs. Frodo. Danny Fortson vs. Whatever NBA referee crew shows up. There's obviously no lack of storylines in this one. The rivalries between Portland and Seattle, be it the Trail Blazers vs. the Super Sonics or the Winter Hawks vs. The Thunderbirds, always have the bitterness and vitriol of an Australian beach party. Tonight is sure to be no different, with each team having added incentive to win. A win tonight for the Blazers would draw Nate and this fledgling team closer during what has been a tough stretch, what with The O fanning non-existent flames while doing their part in keeping alive a rich tradition of journalistic integrity that we as Portland fans have come to cherish. A win for the Sonics is a big F-you to Nate for leaving the team when many thought Seattle were right on the cusp of a championship run. The question is, will Jesus Shuttleworth, Rashard "Too Drunk" Lewis, and the rest of the Sonics show up sporting headbands? Tonight's also "free pair of shorts" night, if you can convince the attendant that you’re under 14. What more could you want in a basketball game? The line is Seattle -4. Make of that what you will.


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