Monday, November 21, 2005

We're On A Road to Nowhere

One game into the first real road trip of the season and the Blazers look... not so good. Having not yet won a road game, I guess it isn't too surprising. It would have been nice to have some momentum, but no such luck after losing to a vastly improved Golden State team 91-80 on Friday. While watching this game, the usually intellectually void Mike Rice made a great point: The Blazers are going to get punished by every team with a good shooting guard. Jason Richardson did Mike the favor of proving him correct by lighting up any and everyone brave enough to guard him to the tune of 28 points on 10-21 shooting. Then again, Richardson is averaging 22 per game, so I guess Monia, Ruben, Juan, and whoever else tried to man-up on him shouldn't feel too bad for themselves. The money stat of the GS game were the 24 turnovers committed by the Blazers, leading to 21 points. You're not going to beat a retirement homes intramural team turning the ball over 24 times, so losing by just 9 points could be considered a moral victory, if you're that hard-up for good news.

Actually, there was some positive news to report. Sebastian is starting to find him offensive game. He scored 20 against on Friday, besting Baron Davis in that department by 4 points, though Telfair did get out-assisted 11-3 to by everyone's player named after a frozen pizza.

So Friday, Blazers lose, and come Sunday, the Blazers lose again, this time in New York at the other Garden. Sebastian once again put on a fantastic offensive show against Big Cousin, scoring 27 points on an astounding 8-12 shooting, as well as making 8 of his 11 free-throw attempts and dishing out 7 dimes. Sounds great don't it? Well, Telfair seemingly was the only guy that didn't forget his jock in Portland, as the Blazers got thumped 92-103. Channing Frye, who I was convinced would never amount to a hill of beans, added 20 points in only 24 minutes, once again proving that I know next to nothing about talent. Two big stories from a Blazer fan standpoint; the first being that Zach only had two, count 'em TWO rebounds in the game, and hence, only 17 points. The second being the hissy fit that Ruben Patterson threw over not getting the playing time that he thinks he deserves. Personally, this is the event that I've been waiting for; an iron-clad reason to get Ruben the hell off of this team. I tend to wonder if Ruben has ever watched any footage of his performance, because if he had watched, say the Golden State game, he would see that for every great play he makes, he makes at least 2 boneheaded plays, such as getting a steal and then trying to take on Troy Murphy, Adonal Foyle, and Mike Dunleavy by himself on the fast break. That's why you'll always just be average Ruben, on and off the court, because you're an idiot. If Nate doesn't replace Ruben with Outlaw, and then replace Outlaw with Khryapa, I've got to figure that the Rube has some dirt on Nate, because they're no way that a guy that doesn't fit into the future of this team should be stealing PT away from guys that figure to be with the team after this season.


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