Friday, November 11, 2005

My Z-Bo's Back and You're Gonna Be in Trouble.

Super happy-fun game for the Blazers on Wednesday, beating the Knicks 83-95 at the Rose Garden. So far, the Blazers are a perfect 2-0 at home. Could a perfect home record be in the works? I don't see why not.

Z-Bo had an all-around monster game (as predicted here), scoring 29, grabbing 12, facilitating 3, pilfering 3, and sending 1 back. Take that microfracture surgery! Darius had a nice game as well, adding 26 points, 8 rebounds in what continues to be a resurgence of sorts, though we've seen this kind of thing from Darius before. While Darius is ultimately in control of his actions, you have to think that Nate's style of coaching and willingness to give Darius on-court responsibility is playing a major factor in his current high quality of play. Of course, talent has never been the issue for Miles (I wonder how many times that phrase has been printed), but maybe Darius finally has it figured out. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we.

Another positive to take away from Wednesday’s game is Ruben Patterson's performance. While the 17 points, 5 rebounds were nice, what was even more important was that Rube got to showcase his talents for Larry Brown and the rest of the Knicks, whom he will hopefully be employed by sometime in the near future. The "youth movement" can't take total shape until Patterson is gone. He's the last vestige of a dead era in Portland, and he got's to go. I'm sure Nate wants to keep Patterson around, as, though I hate to admit it, he gives the Blazers the best chance to win, but this season isn't about wins. It's about getting ready to make a run at a title. Outlaw and Khryapa are the future for Portland at back-up SF. Patterson is dead weight, pure and simple. Great game though Ruben!

Bits and pieces:
  • If you don't read Eric's OregonLive Blazer blog, then you should probably start. Lots of great links the past couple of days. Same goes for Henry Abbott's TrueHoop. Oh, and check out SuperSonicSoul if you have even the slightest intrest in the Sonics(thanks for the props ChunkyStyle). They're good people
  • "Pneu" Monia didn't hae a great game stat wise, but it sure is nice seen a guy in there that actually has some promise. How the teeth feeling Derek?
  • Martell Webster is blogging. Is this a cool guy or what?


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