Friday, November 11, 2005

"It was you Rasheed. I know it was you. You broke my heart."

You are looking at #5080 of the Limited Edition Rasheed Wallace lunchbox, sponsored by Jiffy Lube. I was pretty surprised when these came out, as the conventional wisdom was that Rasheed was spawned from Satan. Personally, I love Rasheed, even though he broke my heart over and over again. I still cherish this lunchbox, though it is far too small to carry an actual lunch.

Sheed, everyone's favorite snow plow Dale Davis, and the rest of Big-D come to the Garden tonight in what will be the hardest game this young squad has played thus far. It will also be a great indicator of how Zach Randolph's defense has progressed, as I'm assuming that Pryz and Theo will be working on Ben Wallace, leaving Sheed and his 30 foot wingspan to Z-Bo. Sheed is definitely going to make Zach work for every bucket, so Z-Bo (or "Z-Dough" as I've taken to calling him) has to return the favor on the defensive end. I'd also expect to see Jarrett Jack get the lion’s share of playing time at the point tonight, as he matches up better with the physical Chauncey Billups than does Telfair. This is also a game that you'd like to see Travis Outlaw (remember that guy?) get some PT against Tayshaun Prince, who Travis should really be trying to fashion his game after, but alas, those minutes will most likely go to Ruben Patterson.

The line for tonight’s game is Detroit -7, which I must say did surprise me. I thought it would be higher than that. Here's hoping that, at the least, the "Red and Black Attack" gives Detroit a good game, and best case, defends the home court and moves to 3 for 3 at home. Long live the home winning streak!


At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was you Sheed that broke our hearts, but it was ultimately the media, a disenchanted fan base, and a city that wanted Sheed to be something he's not...a leader that took that beautiful man away.



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