Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I Don’t ♥ NY

Lots of storylines in tonight’s game. There's the obvious cousin vs. cousin match-up between Telfair and Marbury, but also the match-up of ex-Georgia Tech point guards in a Jack vs. Marbury showdown. Who will emerge as the Queen Bee? Hopefully this kind of intrigue will keep our young Blazer guards amped for the whole game. Then again, if Marbury don't start playing the Larry Brown way, we may see a lot more of...well, NY doesn't really have another PG, so we'll probably just see a lot of Marbury. Of course, Clifford Robinson's lovechild Nate Robinson will be making his first appearance at the Rose Garden, followed by a round of hormone therapy at OHSU. For Blazer/Duck fans out there, this game has even more intrigue, as Robinson, Channing Frye, Trevor Ariza, and Matt Barnes all played their college ball in the Pac-10. Any way you chop it up, this one should be good. A victory tonight will go a long way toward giving this young team some confidence. The spread is currently at NY -1.5, so go out and put some money on the Blazers.

Some things I hope to see:

  • More of the Russian Mafia. Vik had a little quote in the Oregonian today questioning why he hasn't been on the active roster. I have to say, if it's for any other reason than Nash wanting to showcase Patterson, then I'm dumbfounded. More PneuMonia, more Viktor more glasnost.
  • Tefair playing well. Last time Seabass went up against Big Cousin, he forced everything. Sebastian needs to play smart and not try to one-up Marbury, or he's going to be holding Jarrett's water bottle in the 4th quarter.
  • Juan Dixon needs to fight the urge to hoist up a 3 every time he touches the ball. Please Juan, don't shoot.
  • Zach, Darius, and Joel with double-doubles.

I got a good feeling about this one. I think Monia and Zach have big nights and the Blazers win. Here's to sending Larry Brown and the rest of the Knicks back to the hotel 0-4, cause everyone knows L.B. is a sick honkey straight goin' donkey.


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At 8:10 AM, Blogger Lance Uppercut said...

My first SPAM commment! I always dreamed this day would come. Thanks Tiffany Burrell.

At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Craig Ehlo said...

I hope Juan Dixon's AWFUL performance isn't lost in all the positives of the win over the Knicks. This guy should only get PT if every guard on the squad snaps their femurs or contracts the junta virus.

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Lance Uppercut said...

No kidding Craig. Nate needs to sit "A Million To" Juan down a tell him, point blank, DO NOT SHOOT THE BALL. Is registered yet?

At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Craig Ehlo said...

Dixon's nickname needs to be "Juan for 12 shooting." It's sad when we have to settle for the poor man's Jarvis Hayes from the Wiz's table scraps.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger chunkstyle23 said...

Hey, Lance! As much as I've learned to despise the Blazers over the years, I do enjoy your writing. Keep it up, and I hope you still have time to comment at the 'Soul.

At 1:02 AM, Blogger jans said...

Now Blazer fans everywhere are getting a taste of The real Juan "Wha' happen" Dixon. How is it, that this undersized 2 "or 1" drives the lane like he was Dwane Wade aginst the nastiest interior defense in the league, after hucking six prayers against the happless knicks.
Just when we were all just about to throw in the towel on Juandy, he comes in and almost saves the day.
Welcome to the Juan Dixon quandry. This is exactly how this guy has stayed in the league. If you look at his numbers, they cry NBDL, but then comes the "juan in a million" game.
I can only hope he puts together enough stinkers in a row to convince management that he has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with a rebuilding project.
peace, jans


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