Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It takes a few days to get over losing such a prolific home winning-streak, but I've recovered. In fact, the Blazers looked pretty damn good in their 84-81 loss to Detroit last Friday. "The Chosen" Juan Dixon came in a played a great game, scoring 19 points without missing a shot. As much as I applaud this effort, it's really the least that Juan could do after looking abysmal in the first 4 games. And speaking of games, why is it that the Blazers have only played 5 games so far this season? Some teams have already played 9 games. Has the circus been in town? Did Yanni sell out the Rose Garden for 5 straight days or something? I guess it's just as well, considering that most of Oregon is focused on the impeding Civil War, but let’s get this show on the road.

P-Town is currently 3rd in the newly formed Northwest division of the Western Conference. They could keep pace with a win tonight against the not-so-baby Bulls tonight at the Garden. This is a game that the Blazers are very capable of winning, as long as someone other than Zach Randolph or Darius Miles steps up offensively. In the loss to Detroit, only Z-Dough, Darius, and "A Million to "Juan scored in double figures. That's probably not going to get it done. With any luck, Z-Dough will give Mike Sweetney (who bears a striking resemblance to Biz Markie) a clinic on what it takes to be a slightly chubby power forward in this league, but he's still going to need help, preferably from Telfair, who should be able to get his shot with Chris Duhon or Kirk "Gilligan" Hinrich guarding him. I guess the question I have is: What is Telfair's shot? Dribble drive? Pull-up 3? Elbow jumper? Give me something Seabass!

The line for tonight's game is Chicago -3. If you had bet on the Blazers the last two games, who'd have won both bets, so consider putting some extra scratch on Portland. Do it for Lewis and Clark. If they hadn't gambled on finding Oregon, we'd all be living in some Midwest shithole.


At 9:20 AM, Blogger jans said...

Gotta love these new look Blazers. Sebatian "dynomight" Telfair is truly explosive and looks fantastic driving to the hoop (if he could only slow down when he gets to it)(Meanwhile in Phoenix,The real Might Mouse was draining everything, on his way to 27 and seven dimes. Nothing but love for Damon in blazerland) Jarret Jack already looks like a surly vet and is no doubt running the team better than Telfair.(Could he be the next Mike James?!?!?!) I have to admit, Its just so fun to see the surprise on teams faces who drive the lane and can hardly get a shot off.(Ratliff and Pryzbilla are elite swatters but D-Miles loves goin fourth row) Z-Dough is completely predictable and well take that 22 and 10 every night thank you. D-MIles, I predict, is going to have a career year and at some point have to sit out a few games with a slight concussion from a head bopping incident. Once again wa are caught in the "Juan-D quandry" just when your ready to ship his ass out of town he gives you enough to start to believe. He certainly did a nice job drawing contact last night(maybe cause you could practically blow the guy over)
One last thing Lance, Im sorry but Mike Sweetney looks nothing like Biz Markie. Hey I love creative journalism but after seeing him pull out the arsenal of sick inside moves its hard to compare him to a guy that looks half retarded.(sorry Biz) He truly was a specimen putting up 24 and 14.......... I wonder what would would happen if they let more offensive linemen play hoops.
alright thats it, first place in the division and loving every minute of it.
peace, jans

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Lance Uppercut said...

I think saying the Biz looks only half retarded is being pretty generous Jans. By the way, is Jans a swedish name? If so, welcome my Norse brother.
I gotta say that there seems to be a trend occuring that whenever I give someone a hard time on this site (i.e. Big Sweets and Juan D) they have monster games. Maybe I should start harrassing Telfair more. It would be nice to see him a little more consistant. I don't think he's responding as well to the competition from Jack as nate would like.

At 2:24 PM, Blogger jans said...

There is no doubt Telfair needs a kick in the behind.If only he could use his qucks to do something besides going to the hole (i.e. pressuring his man or pushing the ball upcourt) Watching him in his young career has been uncomfortable at best. We all can see that he excells at driving and dishing, so to him him walk up the ball and give it to Zach is not using what god gave unbelievable first step. The next thing he needs is some confidence. Everyone knows that to play the point and be undersized you have to have cajones, maybe hes still waiting for them to drop (sorry bassy). I would love to see him create and take his turnover lumps more than what im seeing now. JJ is already WAY better at being a distributor and defender. C'mon, the guys from coney island, you tellin me he doesnt have a little swagger and 'tude. Thats right Bassy, were calling you out. Its time to drive hoopward, draw three defnders put up some rediculous shot.....if it goes in....ESPN if not, here come Theo, Pryz, Zach and D-miles jamming home the miss undefended.......thus,ESPN.
word. jans
P.S. sorry Im not nordic, the name came from a couple of hippies (my parents) from Eugene.

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